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Direct Pay Requests

A Direct Payment Request is a method to process payment for common or small dollar purchases. Generally, purchases must be under $3,499.99 in order to be paid via direct pay request.  Equipment, furniture, and computer related items must be under $500.00.  Printing orders of any amount and PSC contracts cannot be paid via this method.  There are some exceptions for purchases over $3,499.99 which have been preapproved by the Director of Purchases and Stores and the Director of Accounting & Financial Services.

The University’s procurement card should be used for all small dollar purchases (<$3,499.00) when allowed.    Please review the “prohibited” purchases listed on pages 9 and 10 of the “Procurement Card Requirements and Procedures."


The Direct Payment Request Form is available on EKU Direct.  If you need assistance completing the form, contact Accounts Payable at 622-1810 or follow these step by step instructions.


Completed forms with invoices or original receipts should be forwarded to the Division of Accounting & Financial Services, CPO 3A.   All signatures must be original "live" signatures.

The Accounting Office archives electronic images of all direct pay requests and invoices.  To facilitate this process, all receipts and invoices smaller than 8 ½ x 11 should be taped down on a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 paper.  Do not use highlighter and do not tape over any printed information on the receipts.  Both highlighters and tape can degrade the print on the receipt to the point where it is illegible.

The following Direct Payment transactions have been pre-approved by the Director of Purchases & Stores and the Director of Accounting & Financial Services. 

  • Dues, conference registrations fees, library books
  • Payments to federal, state, city, or county agency
  • Event Speakers (using the standard Event Speaker Agreement form)
  • Royalties
  • Athletic game guarantees, game officiating
  • Utilities
  • Hotel charges (billed directly to University)
  • Motor Fuel
  • Subscriptions (directories, or any publication requiring prepayment)
  • Freight (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.)
  • Candidate Reimbursement
  • Advertising (newspaper, radio, etc.)
  • University Farms Livestock
  • Insurance premiums (except brokerage fees)
  • Resale merchandise
  • Entertainer/Performer (must include invoice or copy of contract with direct pay form)
  • Temporary Employment Services
  • Accreditation Fees
  • PCWCP Stipends
  • Legal settlements signed by University Counsel


  • All other purchases of $3,499.99 or less, except:
  • equipment over $500
  • furniture over $500
  • computer related items over $500
  • Printing orders of any dollar amount may NOT be processed using Direct Payment.
  • Personal Services Contract (PSC)
  • Software of any amount


* Note: Only approved licensed vendors may be used when purchasing items with EKU logos.

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